Gotoh SGS510-HAP-S5-BC.arr=L6 Sealed Machine Head

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Sealed Machine Head with Adjustable Post Height, complete set
All of 510 Series is the most luxurious gear on the market. More

Set of premium quality from Japan. The set is complete; all necessary accessories for assembly are included.

For drawings of dimensions and instructions in English, see the Download Files section. (The guide is for HAPM axle, not just for HAP axle, but the part describing the height adjustment of the axle is the same).

The SGS510 set is the most luxurious tuning mechanism on the market, period.

Lubri-Plate electrolytic lubricating material

Only in the top SGS510 series, Gotoh processes all gears with Lubri-Plate material through electrolysis. Lubrication is then provided by this material with lubricating properties. Throughout the lifetime of the mechanism, oil is not needed. Thanks to the Lubri-Plate material developed by Gotoh, tuning is extremely smooth without jumps and has unparalleled long-term tuning stability.


During the next string installation, pay attention to the axles of the Gotoh mechanism. Try moving them sideways like in competing products. Gotoh has developed a new system of super-stable axles.

HAP adjustable height of the string axle

The displayed mechanism is equipped with a special accessory, HAP adjustable height of the string axle.

What is HAP and adjustable string axle height?

HAP allows, with an Allen wrench from the front of the headstock through a small hole, to loosen the counter-screw and unlock the string axle. Subsequently, by turning the axle with your fingers, you can lower or raise it. When adjusting, of course, the string is not inserted yet. After reaching the desired height, the axle is locked again with the counter-screw.

This process is easier to understand by watching the video.

Why do we want an adjustable string axle height?

By changing the height of the axle, the pressure of the string on the zero fret changes. Since this can be adjusted for each string separately, musicians can tune their guitar parameters to their liking. This creates the possibility to adjust sustain and string tension. This is appreciated by children or players with gentle fingers.

Thanks to the possibility of having the axle lower than the standard height, HAP is especially useful for necks with a very flat fingerboard.

More illustrated in the video.

How to use Gotoh HAP adjustable string axle height

In the video, you can clearly see how to use the HAP mechanism and which direction to turn the Allen wrench.

Post Type HAP
Arrangement L6
Line SGS510
Surface Finish Black
Button Type S5 (plated zinc)
Gear Ratio 1:15
Pilot Hole 1.2mm
Made in Japan
Headstock Hole 10mm