Gotoh SD90-MG-P5R-GG Machine Head Vintage L3+R3

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Machine Head Vintage L3+R3, complete set More

Set of premium quality from Japan. The set is complete; all necessary accessories for assembly are included in the package. It also includes a punch tool designed to remove the original ring insert from the head of your guitar.

For dimensions and instructions in English, see the Download Files section.

Luxurious set of tuning mechanics from the Gotoh SG90 series in the L3+R3 configuration. The internal mechanics are essentially the same as the SG91 series, but the baseplate is larger and not intended for single-row configuration.

Gotoh tuning machines, Vintage reproduction. An excellent choice for a Custom guitar. These tuning machines are also a direct replacement for many PRS guitar models and older Gibson guitars, such as Les Paul and SG. The headstock hole should have a diameter of 8.8mm.

They can also be directly installed on newer Gibson and Epiphone guitars. If these have a larger hole (usually 10-10.5mm), you need to add conversion ring inserts.

Why do we want a lockable tuning machine?

The locking mechanism secures the string, eliminating the need to wind the string multiple times around the post. This saves time when stringing and, most importantly, reduces tuning problems.

How to use the Gotoh Magnum lockable tuning machine

The video clearly shows the use of the Magnum machine. In short, the string locks itself by turning the tuning machine. The Magnum mechanism first closes the string when turning, and then it can rotate the string post, i.e., tune the string. Conversely, when releasing the string tension, it unlocks. If the string is broken, this does not work, and you may need to use, for example, a coin. 

No, the coin doesn't have to be Japanese, as in the video, but if you want to be authentic...

Post Type MG
Arrangement L3 + R3
Line SD90
Surface Finish Gold
Button Type P5R (plastic)
Gear Ratio 1:15
Pilot Hole 1.2mm
Made in Japan
Headstock Hole 8.5mm