Gotoh GE1996T-CR-36mm Floyd Rose Tremolo, chrome

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Gotoh Tremolo GE1996T Series, complete set More

Set of premium quality from Japan. The set is complete, and all necessary accessories for mounting the tremolo are included in the package. 
Note: Locking nut is not included in the set.

Designed by Floyd Rose, manufactured under license by Gotoh.

The Floyd Rose GE1996T series is a gem of collaboration between two world-renowned companies, Floyd Rose and Gotoh. While other companies also have licenses, as soon as this one is unpacked, it becomes evident why the Gotoh version is considered the highest quality. It can be found only on better guitars.

Did you know that this original Floyd Rose tremolo is among the most widely used by professionals worldwide?

In the 70s, all existing tremolo systems were causing tuning issues, frustrating everyone. Finally, a man named Floyd Rose decided to do something about it. After many prototypes, the result was that the strings were locked in two places, at the locking nut and at the bridge itself. The appearance of the new tremolo was a mechanical monster that commanded respect.

Since the design hit the mark, the tremolo is essentially the same today. The strings lock with the same Allen wrench at the head and at the bridge. After proper setup, during the lifespan of the strings, minor adjustments can be made on the tremolo using the finger-adjustable screws.

Thanks to its massive industrial design, players can make extreme tonal changes that were not possible before. The tremolo arm can be raised to almost inaudible heights, and conversely, it can be pushed down until the strings completely slacken, practically falling off the fretboard. After releasing the arm, the strings return to neutral, and amazingly, the guitar remains in tune. Not even Hendrix could produce such airborne sirens. The guitar was reborn.

No wonder guitarists needed no further persuasion, and success was guaranteed.

See the dimension drawing and usage instructions in English in the Download Files section.

Locking Nut:

The locking nut is not included in this set. Before tuning the guitar, release the lock on the locking nut. After precise tuning with the tuning machines at the head of the guitar, lock the locking nut. Thanks to the GE1996T tremolo, your guitar will stay in tune while playing. The tuning may change slightly with temperature variations, which can be comfortably adjusted with the tremolo screws.

Line GE1996T
Surface Finish Chrome
Block Material Brass
String Spacing 10.8mm
Made in Japan
Note Matching arm: F3
Saddle Material Steel
Block Height 36mm
Radius 350mm