Gotoh GB707-6-CR Machine Head L3+R3

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Sealed Machine Head L3+R3, complete set More

Set of premium quality from Japan. The set is complete; all necessary accessories for installation are included.

See the section Download Files for dimensional drawings.

Closed tuning machine, the mechanism weighs only 60 grams.

The GB707 set from Gotoh is a tuning mechanism for bass guitar at an excellent price in relation to quality.

Lubri-Coat lubricating material


Lubrication is provided by a material with lubricating properties. Throughout the lifetime of the mechanics, there is no need to use oil. Thanks to the Lubri-Coat material developed by Gotoh, tuning is extremely smooth without jumps and has unparalleled long-term tuning stability.



During the next string installation, pay attention to the Gotoh tuner shafts. Try moving them sideways as you would with competitive products. Gotoh has developed a new system of super-stable shafts.

Guitar Type Bass Guitar
Post Type Standard
Arrangement L3 + R3
Line GB707
Surface Finish Chrome
Button Type Metal-plated plastic
Gear Ratio 1:20
Pilot Hole 1.2mm
Made in Japan
Headstock Hole 14mm