Gotoh EV510T-BS-CR-42mm Tremolo, chrome

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Gotoh Tremolo EV510T Series, complete set More

Premium quality set from Japan. Multiple patents.

The set is complete, and all necessary assembly accessories are included in the package.

Luxurious set from the EV510T tremolo series by Gotoh. The letters "EV" in the name represent the Evolution of the original 510T tremolo. The EV510T series is manufactured with either steel or zinc block, which can have a height of 37mm or 42mm. Saddles can be steel or brass. For specific values of the displayed product, see Additional Parameters.

Gotoh has not tried to copy the classic Vintage style here but has instead developed its own version of the tremolo with improved functionality, eliminating the shortcomings of the original design. The new tremolo system is made from high-grade chrome-molybdenum steel designed for long-lasting durability under heavy use. Subsequently, the steel undergoes a complex heat treatment process and precise machining.

The patented block design allows string contact with the saddles without touching the block, increasing tuning stability after using the tremolo arm.

The two-point non-locking tremolo system is exceptionally reliable. It includes 2 locking tremolo stud nuts for custom intonation adjustment.

Thanks to the innovation of the two-point system, this tremolo can be used either as a down-only or floating (in this case, the body area under the tremolo must be milled out).

The included tremolo springs have standard tension. In our store, you can also find springs with higher tension.

For dimensional drawings, see the Download Files section (the drawing shows the block with a height of 42 mm).

Line EV510T
Surface Finish Chrome
Block Material Zinc
String Spacing 10.8mm
Made in Japan
Note Replacement arm: A7
Saddle Material Brass
Block Height 42mm