Gotoh CC-01B Elegant, Light Grip Capotasto

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Patented Gotoh Capotasto, elegant, only light gripping required More

Premium product from Japan.

Instructions in English can be found in the Download Files section.

As we know, a capo is a clamping tool for the guitar. It temporarily raises the pitch of the guitar by as many half steps as we place it from the nut (If we put it behind the 10th fret and higher, in practice, it would mean lowering the tuning, but that is quite impractical for playing).

A capo is usually in the shape of pliers with a fixed counter-spring and requires a relatively significant force to put it on the guitar. After putting it on, various clamping protrusions stick out. It takes up more space in the guitar case and adds weight when playing the guitar.

This is addressed in the displayed product. The Gotoh CC-01B capo is not only elegant without various protrusions after attachment but is also lightweight, compact, and especially suitable for those with gentler hands.

To get a better idea, check out the video about the product:

Made in Japan