Gotoh BB-02 Battery Box for 9V battery

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Battery Box for 9V battery, complete set More

Set of premium quality from Japan. Two screws 2.1x6mm are included in the package.

See the dimension drawing on the Download Files section.

Mounting hole dimensions are 57.5 x 25.5mm, a rectangle with rounded corners radius R6 mm. The hole depth should be 33mm.

The battery box consists of two main parts. The first one is stationary and is screwed to the guitar body. Both screws are mounted from inside the box, so they will not be visible on the outside of the guitar.

The second part of the box is movable; it is the 9V battery case (the battery is commonly referred to simply as 9-Volt, the technical name is 9V, shape 6F22, or 6LR61, or PP3). The case includes two soldered wires, each 350mm long, red for +9V and black for -9V.

The wire ends are not stripped. We recommend carefully stripping and pre-soldering the ends before installation. It's easier to do it on the table than inside the guitar.

After screwing the first part, the movable part simply snaps into it. This can only be done in one direction because the protruding hinge must fit into the counterpart in the stationary part. We simply remember that the +9V mark on the door must be on top. Of course, before snapping, both wires must be fed through the first part.

The movable part will reveal its door when flipped open. Note before opening that there are polarity marks on the doors of the battery, + and -. They are quite hard to see, some players have marked the plus side with red nail polish. We simply remember that the plus is on top.

The doors can be opened relatively easily without prying their button; just grasp them from the side between the thumb and forefinger and pull. After opening the doors, insert the 9V battery into the opening.

Again... pay attention to the correct polarity, plus is on top!

Pilot Hole 1.0mm
Made in Japan
For 9V Battery