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Machine Head for Classical Guitar, top class, complete set More

Sets of premium quality from Japan. The set is complete, all necessary accessories for assembly are included.

See the section Download Files for dimension drawings. String post spacing is a standard 35mm.

Button made of genuine ebony wood. Enhanced mechanics compared to cheaper models. Self-lubricating surfaces of all gears, see description below.

LUBRI_PLATE_picenLubri-Plate electrolytic lubricating material

Only in the topmost Gotoh series, all gears are processed by electrolysis with Lubri-Plate material. Lubrication is then ensured by this material with lubricating properties. No oil needs to be used during the entire life of the mechanics. Thanks to the Lubri-Plate material developed by Gotoh, tuning is extremely smooth without jumps and has unparalleled long-term tuning stability.



During the next string installation, notice the Gotoh tuner shafts. Try moving them sideways as with competitive products. Gotoh has developed a new system of super-stable shafts.


Guitar Type Classical Guitar
Post Type 35AR
Line 35AR510
Surface Finish Gold Matt
Button Type EN (ebony wood)
Material Brass
Gear Ratio 1:16
Made in Japan