About Us

Welcome to TESLA Strings!
These pages have emerged as a result of our 60 years of collective experience in the design and production of custom guitars and modern electronic devices. We aim to become premium suppliers of parts, materials, and useful information for guitar manufacturers, technicians, and musicians who wish to improve or repair their existing guitars. 
We don't want to keep our knowledge to ourselves. Following the principles of Open Source, we will share our schematics, guides, detailed procedures, and videos on how to build your own guitar.

Milan, our Master Luthier, originally Mulen Guitars and now Carpathian Guitars, is our founding member and the face of our custom guitar production.
The Carpathian Guitars brand expresses the location of the workshop in the beautiful Carpathians and the use of traditionally slow-dried Carpathian woods in the production of custom guitars in our own workshop.

Michal and Ivan have developed hundreds of analog and digital electronic devices, and their expertise will be evident in many new electronic circuits not only for guitars.

When building so many guitars, it is useful to have experience in woodworking and a well-equipped workshop. Add to that the need for electronics experience, especially if your goal is to also manufacture electronics. You need to have a large stock of parts that is not cost-effective to buy in small quantities for repeated production.
From there, it was just a step to establish this e-shop.
After our merger, we moved to a new hall in Senica and founded the new company TESLA Strings. The company's name expresses our expertise in electronics, our passion for stringed instruments, and our location in the center of Europe, where TESLA businesses have been uninterrupted for over a hundred years.
TESLA Strings has prepared spaces with a vision of development and production in our own premises in Slovakia. We can artistically process wood from rough boards to beautifully sprayed guitars. We develop modern electronic prototypes and even automate the placement of printed circuit boards.
We know we won't disappoint you,
Milan, Michal, Ivan, and Matej

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